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14.5Kg snapper, courtesy

New Zealanders love to fish.

Fishing is reputed to be the second most popular past-time throughout the country, after gardening !

zane grey with freshwater trout

Zane Grey described NZ as "The Angler's El Dorado" when he was here in 1924. Image above with freshwater trout, and below, deep water marlin.

zane grey and marlin

Part of the appeal and popularity may be because New Zealand is a long and narrow set of islands, where the coast and the oceans are within a few hours drive at most, and within half-an-hour for most of the population.

Fishing is the great leveller - snapper can be caught with a piece of bamboo and a hook just as readily as with a $4000 state-of-the-art rig.

Children grow up fishing for "tiddlers" from wharves, and progress to fishing rivers for trout, to fishing coastal waters for trout and kingfish - either from beach or boat - to venturing out to deep sea gamefishing.

Snorkel-divers and scuba-divers return from an afternoon in the sea with crayfish.

Meanwhile, during the season, entire communities emerge on moonlit nights to trawl for whitebait in rivers and streams.

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Learning how to tie all knots

attach hooks, swivels, rings etc

all purpose hook to line courtesy

attach lure, sinker or hook Sea Fishing Knots

Learning how to tie hooks

River Fishing Knots


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