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Indigineous people of Rekohu - the Chatham Islands, NZ

Moriori genesis
Settlers arrive on Rekohu, the Canoes, Te Rakiroa, Mihiti, Nukunuku, resources, food, conservation, Europeans, sealers, Lt.Col Broughton

Moriori devastation
Pomare, Harwood, Musket wars, Ngati Tama, Ngati Mutunga, Matioro, "Lord Rodney", takahi, Te Awapatiki, Hirawana Tapu, slavery & cannibalism

Moriori fading
Tapu Te Ara, Sir George Grey, Tommy Solomon, Shand, Skinner, dendroglyphs


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Note: researching the Moriori is not easy. There is not a lot of information readily available, and what is known is often politically incorrect. I am indebted to the excellent book, "Moriori, a People Rediscovered" by Michael King, Viking Press, who sought to redress that amnesia